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                                                                                                Wedding Referral Network 


                                                                                         Complete Weddings and Events                                                                                                     
DJ Services Wedding, Photography, Videography 

                                                                                                   Christian - (509) 927-3535



o    Provide consultation throughout the entire planning process in person, phone, text or email . I want you to be completely assured and at ease, knowing that your wedding will be beautifully designed and uniquely presented.

o    Assure that your ceremony adequately reflects your personalities, personal choices and values.


o    Utilization of extensive wedding resources.

o    Discover ways and means to honor special people in your lives.

o    Provide guidance in the selection of vows, ring ceremonies, special readings and poems, sand ceremonies, unity candles; with your personal touch and choices always the determining factor.

o    Create a ceremony itinerary providing smooth transitions for every aspect of your ceremony.

o    Attend and conduct a rehearsal that assures continuity and confidence in the entire wedding party.

Day of Event

o    Help you to relax and enjoy the precious moments you’ve aspired to share.

o    Help sound person (DJ) with proper introductions for your music.

o    Work closely with the photographer, videographer and other professionals to best capture your special moments.

o    Conduct an inspirational wedding that demonstrates love and sincerity that you, your family and friends will always remember.

      o    File necessary legal documentation.



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