Gary J Weber
Wedding Officiant/Pastor
A Day to Remember
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A spectacular wedding for Esther and Cruz at the scenic Highland Gardens in Deer Park, WA

A beautiful outdoor wedding for Debbie and Ron at the Basel Cellars Winery in Walla Walla, WA, June 2011

Wedding film clips provided by Alpha Video Services. 
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    A wedding ceremony is much more than an event, it brings family and friends together in a setting that is unique to each and every couple. It's about highlighting those special qualities in people that capture the essence of their relationship with one another.  Laughter, tears, joy and happiness are all a part of life and the hallmark of moments like these.  A wedding is sharing precious moments with the one who knows you best and loves you most. 


-   Be a friend and confidant; providing specialized professional service throughout
   the entire planning and wedding process.

-  Help you navigate through the pressurers that are associated with planning a wedding.

-  Assist in determining
what you want
in your ceremony and how to  best  accommodate
   those choices.

-  Create an environment
where all participants can enjoy and share in your special day.

-  Honor
the institution of marriage and celebrate the life of those I'm serving.

-  Provide an opportunity to create life-long memories that help sustain you through the  
   challenges and joys of life.

-  Be an effective communicator.

-  Honor the special people in your life.








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